In May 1771 the Grand Lodge of Scotland addressed a letter to the Provincial Grand Master at Kingston, thus confirming the existence of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jamaica, in 1771. No, further available records exist however, and it is possible that the only Scottish Craft Lodge in Jamaica, at that time, Lodge St. Andrew, constituted itself into a Provincial Grand Lodge when the need arose. In fact Bro. Archibald Edgar who was appointed Provincial Grand Master in 1780 and Bro. The Rev.Middleton Howard in 1788 were both listed as members of St. Andrew No. 102.

On the 20th November 1779, Bro. William Smellie, Master of Lodge St. Andrew 102, which apparently was then meeting in Liguanea, was given permission by the English Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Rear Admiral, Sir Peter Parker, to celebrate the Festival of St. Andrew at Half-Way-Tree on Tuesday the 30th November. This was the first recorded celebration of the Festival of St. Andrew in Jamaica.

Bro. The Rev. William Godfrey Pollard Burton, Rector of the Church, St. Thomas-in -ye -Vale, Linstead, appointed Provincial Grand Master, in a revived Scottish Province, just prior to the charter of Lodge Elgin No. 415. Strangely enough, this Scottish Provincial Grand Master was a Mason from the English Constitution, and a member of Sussex Lodge, but was considered the moving spirit in the formation of Lodge Elgin.

On the 5th December 1901, Bro. Dr. James Ogilvie commissioned as Provincial Grand Master. The Scottish Provincial Grand Lodge renamed the District Grand Lodge of Scotland in Jamaica, and Bro. James Ogilvie continued to rule as District Grand Master until 1911. (It is interesting to note that whereas, Provincial Grand Masters are members of Grand Committee, District Grand Masters are not.)

On the 28th May 1968, Lodges were advised by the District Grand Lodge, that the proper appellation for the District was “The District Grand Lodge of Jamaica Scottish Constitution”, and not, “District Grand Lodge of Scotland in Jamaica”. Concern, however, was expressed that the Banner still bore the name “Provincial Grand Lodge”. It was replaced in 1982.

The expanded District renamed the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Bahamas- Scottish Constitution.

On the 20th March 1991, Bro. Brigadier Sir Gregor MacGregor of MacGregor accompanied by Bro. Arthur O. Hazel, Grand Secretary, assisted by a strong Deputation from the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica headed by Bro. Prof. Hugh H. Wynter, constituted and erected the District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas and installed Bro. Roderick Eugene Inniss as the first District Grand Master. Thereafter the District Grand Lodge was renamed “The District Grand Lodge of Jamaica” and dropped the appendant “and The Bahamas, Scottish Constitution”, while the English District was renamed, “The District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands”. The Banner of the District Grand Lodge was changed.

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