Brother Errol Charles Alberga’s long walk to the pinnacle of Scottish freemasonry in Jamaica has materialised.

But how did it all happen for the architect by profession, devoted family man and community builder?

Shortly after taking office in February 2012, the RWDGM Bro. Col.Lemuel Lindo reaffirmed that he would not be seeking a second term as DGM. In an interview with the FOSA Magazine of Nov. 2014 he said, in response to the question of a second term: “If you are to carry out your duties properly, you have to dedicate tremendous time, energy and resources to their execution. The job can also take you away from your family”.

At the outset, apart from Bro. Alberga, two other brethren indicated their interest in the Office, namely Bro Courtney Palmer and Bro Lloyd Barnett Jnr. All three are recognised as excellent Masons who have served well and could clearly fill the roll if elected. They are active members and were Office-bearers on the current Administration. Bro. Alberga being the first Depute DGM appointed by Bro. Lindo, and served in that capacity for two and a half years. Bro. Palmer served first as Substitute DGM and later as Depute DGM, and Bro. Lloyd Barnett served as Substitute DGM.

There was a short ‘campaign’ that saw the Candidates visiting all the lodges in the District, presenting their resumes and plans, creating a high level of vibrancy and interest in the process. This was a new concept, as on previous occasions, no such presentations were allowed. Brethren are still divided as to whether or not there is merit in this new approach.

The election was closely contested between Bros. Alberga and Palmer, as Bro. Barnett withdrew before the process was over. In the end Bro.Alberga emerged the winner and will be installed on February 4, 2017 by the Grand Master Mason who will visit Jamaica to preside over the ceremony.

Bro. Alberga is exceptionally qualified to fill the Office of District Grand Master and much is expected of this in this capacity. He is no stranger to leadership and has been a high achiever who has excelled as leader in the various organisations in which he has served. His dedication and commitment to community service was recognised in 2009 when he was elected as District Governor for District 7020 (Northern Caribbean).

His service on the DGL was marked with him receiving Honorary Grand Rank(Hon Grand Almoner)as was his service on the District Grand Royal Arch Chapter, where he again was promoted to Hon. 1st Grand Sojourner.

Bro. Alberga is a Past Master and Distinguished Service Member of the Liguanea Lodge No. 1479 SC where his father before him, Errol Charles Snr., served with distinction. His son Brian Charles has also served as Master; his nephew Marvin Hall is currently a very keen Master Mason with tremendous future. The spirit of the Alberga family forms a part of the foundation of this Lodge, which at one point had the rare experience of having three generations of Masons in meetings.

Beyond the craft, the Black River, St Elizabeth-born Bro. Alberga, a Kingston College Old Boy and graduate in Architecture and Design from the Thames Polytechnic, London, served as Provincial Grand Master for Jamaica of the Royal Order of Scotland from 2005 to 2015.

He is currently the Intendant General for Jamaica of the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St John the Evangelist, an Order that operates under the English Constitution. He has also served as First Principal in the St John Royal Arch Chapter; Trice Illustrious Master of The Glenlyon Cryptic Council and served as Worshipful Commander Noah, Most Excellent Chief and President of The Glenlyon Lodge and Council.

In the Rose Croix and Knights Templar he served as Most Wise Sovereign and Venerable Preceptor respectively.

Bro. Alberga has received several awards and recognition for his distinguished eminence in architecture and was at one time President of the Jamaica Institute of Architects.

In 2016 he received the National Honour of the Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer (OD) for outstanding work in the field of Architecture and Community Service.

Bro. Alberga is married to Leonie for 46 years and apart from son Brian, a civil/structural engineer and director of Jentech Consultants Ltd, the couple has a daughter, Tracy, an architect and Partner in Alberga Graham Jamaica. Bro. Errol and Leonie are blessed with three Grand Children to date.

Compiled by Bros H.G. Helps WSW Lodge Caledonian and Bro Horace Reid, Editor.

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