Who We Are

Freemasons of the Scottish Constitution in Jamaica

Spread among 10 of the 14 parishes in Jamaica, numbering in the region of one thousand, with members in all walks of life, in all parishes of Jamaica, we are Freemasons. There are three constitutions operating in Jamaica; Scottish, English and Irish. We are Scottish as we have our charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Purpose of Website

The main aim of the website is to disseminate information for our Brethren and the wider populace of Jamaica in general. Being apart of the the oldest order in existence, we are not insensible to what it takes to remain relevant and active in today’s world.

How Do I become a Freemason?

Membership to Freemasonry is by invitation to men who have a strong belief in a supreme being. The invitation is made by two Freemasons who know the prospective candidate well. The candidate must be free and of the mature age of 21 years old. For more information use the Contact Us.

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